The Artist

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Welcome to my World!!!

I am the CEO of a media company so my focus lies mostly on other things than painting, but for 12 years I have had a little hobby of painting giraffes.
Painting them has often been associated with different episodes of my life. In crisis, tough times, beautiful days, different seasons, holidays and celebrations, a bit like life is.
Therefore, I believe that these giraffes, the environments and, not least, the message can be used to describe our time.

The Giraffe’s message is very simple. Exist and be accepted for who they are!

In these days a lot of people struggle with fitting in, and we easily categorize each other. But when we open ourselves up, accept that we are different and see that there is a great asset in it, life gets richer. With that you start to live the good life for real! That’s what the giraffe wish 🙂

Please contact me for collaborations, or why not order some postcards to send to friends you appreciate!

The giraffe is on Instagram and Facebook, meaty we´ll meet there?

With Love!

Stefan Grevle
Phone: + 46 735 18 18 20
Studio: Konstfabriken , Hedefors